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There will be a millisecond of sensation whilst the hair is removed, why wouldn't there be? Wax is hot too, please remember that.  Skin will feel sensitive, pink and reactions vary with personal sensitivity.  Wax temperature is maintained within approved guidelines.  You will feel the heat and be asked if it is comfortable.  Always say if it is too hot for your comfort.

Q: Will I end up with no hair?

Q: What is the Perfect Regime?

Q: Is waxing painful?

Q: When should I book?

Duration of waxing treatments vary from client to client depending on hair quantity.  Generally a nostril/ear/brow wax will take anything  from 5-10 minutes, a full leg wax around 20 minutes and a full Brazilian or Hollywood intimate wax will take approximately 15-30 minutes.  Full body waxes take between 1-1.5  hours depending on hair quantity/ease of waxing.

Q: Is WAXXXED compliant in Hygiene, health & safety ?

If you are 16 or older I can wax you (intimate waxing) - for other body parts, a parent/guardian will be required to give consent and chaperone.

No.  Each client is completely unique.  united by one thing - To have smooth hair-free skin.

Q: Which waxes does you use?

Cancellation Policy

Waxing is by appointment only.  Please do let me know if you can’t make it or if you’d like to change your appointment as WAXXXED operates exclusively for your booking alone.  If you are a first time client, or if the value of the treatment is £30 or over,  pre-payment may be required in order to secure your booking. Please don't be offended by this.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, sorry, but the cost of the booked treatment may be charged.

Q: Can I be Waxed with a piercing or tattoo?

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Q: Who is behind WAXXXED?

Come to WAXXXED every 4-6 weeks.  Full stop.  No shaving in between, no chemical removal agents.   Arrive and leave fully informed about the waxing regime, aftercare and how to produce the perfect hairless result and maintain it.

Q: Is my hair long enough for waxing?

Q: When can't I be waxed?

Q: Variable pricing for full body waxes - How does that work?

This depends on your own personal hair growth rate and also the stage of growth your hair is in at the time of waxing.  Hair grows in stages.  It may take 2 or 3 appointments spaced evenly apart to get on a growth cycle that gives best results.  Persevere with it and you'll be addicted.


You may initially see regrowth after 7-10 days if  the wax was performed when growing, unerupted hairs are not able to be touched by the wax the first time.  These will be caught the second time around.  By the 2nd or 3rd appintment, all hair will have erupted and been picked up and the regrowth will stabilise to around 3-4 weeks.  This is a typical pattern for shavers.  For virgin waxers who have never ever attempted to remove their hair, the stabilsed pattern is established much quicker.

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Q: How long will I be hair free for?

I will not wax broken, thinning, swollen, sunburnt or infected skin.  All clients e-sign a disclosure when booking online.  If you are receiving medication at the time of your treatment, or living with a condition which affects the skin - please disclose this to me.  Clients taking Acne preparations (of the retinoid class in particular - Accutane, Roaccutane, Retin-A etc) should leave at least 6 months from finishing treatment before considering waxing.     Steroidal preparations need to be disclosed too, as does Warfarin treatment and similar. Please do ask if unsure.  Conditions such as Diabetes and Haemophilia and hernia will prevent a waxing service, as will recent surgery (less than 3 months) and Chemotherapy.  Please also disclose any allergies especially to Rosin, sticking plasters, lanolin, nut oils and essential oils prior to your treatment. Skin can be hypersensitive in parts, please declare this too.

Q: How long will the treatment take?

Q: Is there a typical client?

Q: What can I have waxed?

Q: What should I expect when I visit WAXXXED?

Q: How old do I have to be?

Hell Yes. Body & genital piercings are no problem.  It may take slightly longer, but you'll still leave us hair free in all the right places - and of course,  with your piercings.   Tattoos & piercings  need to be fully healed and the skin intact and unswollen.  Wax at least 1-2 weeks before having any tattoo work to enable the skin to fully settle.

Q: Is WAXXXED insured for intimate waxing?

Professional Conduct

WAXXXED is a professional expert waxing service that only provides exclusive waxing treatments.  I know you respect this.  Enjoy your treatment and thank you.

Before waxing, you will be asked how much hair you would like removed.  ALL hair you ask to be removed will be removed.  Even the small fine ones.  I will advise on any style queries you have or concerns about waxing you may feel.

Of course.  I am uber-insured uber qualified and uber-experienced to perform Intimate male and female waxing.  A "general" waxing qualification alone does not insure or adequately cover Intimate Waxing.  Find out first...Actually don't? just come to me.

Q: What should I expect after I visit WAXXXED?


Cash, Direct Bank Transfer or card payment (online bookig only).  Cheques are not accepted.  A deposit may be requested of first time clients booking treatments in excess of £30.

Come to me with around 5-6mm of growth if you have been shaving. This will get every hair out first time despite the strengthened hair root caused by shaving.  Regular waxers don't need that length of re-growth as the root is weaker - so when hair reappears - Book.



Me.  Sarah Adams.  Founder and owner of WAXXXED.   AXIOM Certified and a Brazilian & Hollywood Waxing Specialist in Male & Female intimate waxing.   Trained by International Educator Andy Rouillard and by Berins Wax (Lori Nestore - USA).  I use a unique technique specific to me for quick, effective waxing.  Privileged to be the daughter of a Consultant Dermatologist,   an upbringing surrounded by hardcore skin physiology and anatomy.  The result?  Educated knowledge, real skin & hair science fact and THE perfect situation  to care for your skin before, during and after getting WAXXXED.

I built WAXXXED on                                poor,  second rate waxing experience I ever had.

Frequently disturbed by the lack of skill, passion and knowledge - (and awful bedside manner) in this intimate area of the industry - My determination to develop a specialist waxing service exceeding the high standards I would expect myself was born.  The result is WAXXXED.  Expert waxing as it should be.

Yes.  I follow HABIA good practise guidelines for the health and safety of clients and myself.  I strictly do not "double-dip" - (dip the same used spatula back into the wax after each application).   I use a fresh spatula every time I apply wax to your skin.  Nitrile gloves are worn for treatments and I cleanse /disinfect all areas and utensils prior to and after your visit.  

If possible, avoid booking your waxing appointment close to holidays, weddings, competitions etc as the skin may still be slightly sensitive or remain a little red from the waxing.

With the exception of head hair, beard hair, moustaches and eyelids - EVERYTHING.

I use cutting edge waxes and pre/post treatment products for your comfort.  I use non strip (stripless) wax for intimate areas, facial areas and underarms - these next generation waxes shrink wrap around the hair without sticking to the skin, minimising discomfort.  Strip wax is used for larger areas.   No cut corners to increase profit margin, so NO nasty wholesale chemical products and budget waxes - everything is top drawer product as you would expect from a specialist.  Skin is cleansed first to remove oils and bacteria then protected with pre-wax oil before applying the wax - the wax then only sticks to the hair .


Waxing removes hair by the root and exfoliates too by removing a microscopic layer of dead skin cells - so expect slight redness in the waxed area for a couple of hours.  This is normal and disappears quickly.  Most clients experience no redness due to the quality of the waxes and my technique.


Real Men wax...

Ready to book?!


Fess Up,



Only one thing goes on here.  WAXING.   Nothing else.  No spray tans, No pedicures, No Micro-dermabrasion, no noisy room full of chattering clients and therapists to awkwardly navigate through...  Just Top-Drawer exclusive, and private waxing.  Private arrival.  Private treatment.  Private departure.  WAXXXED is Cheshire's first - and only - Certified Specialist Waxing Parlour EXCLUSIVELY waxing men and women.  Sarah Adams is a Registered and Certified expert in Male and Female Brazilian, Hollywood and Body Waxing.

Ok, this sort of goes back to the shaving thing again and how it plays havoc with hair removal...

Prices for full body waxing (please note variable pricing applies to FULL BODY WAXES not single areas) are slightly variable according to the amount of body hair you have.  Less hair = less product used in less time.  It is worth pointing out that quite often, clients who have strong rooted hair caused by regular shaving will be more time consuming to wax even though they may not appear be massively hairy.  The pricing will reflect this.


Most clients booking for full body waxing are around the mid-range price.  You will be advised of the exact price before I start.  Asking you over the phone how hairy you think you are isn't the greatest way to go about business for either of us - plus it is notoriously inaccurate.


In short, expect to pay full price and adjustment may be made accordingly when I see you.


Shavers who come for their first wax with hair that is too short for waxing, or hair that has grown beneath the skin (commonly found in shavers) can be  time consuming to wax with more product used due to re-waxing each area - even if growth is fairly sparse.  Stick with the waxing regime on this page and see the results for yourself.  Allow between 60-90 minutes for full body waxing.

A drink in your hand, great company while you have your wax and to be put completely at ease..  And of course, to leave with every hair you want removed...gone.


Halle-frikkin-lujah and Welcome to the Inner Circle of Sexiness.  Courtesy of WAXXXED.  You are safe here.  The door is locked...


Shaving is agricultural.  Pretty much the same principle as trimming shrubs and other plants.  Cut the new growth off when it appears and the nourishment and strength that the plant needs is diverted back to the root.  The result is a strong, well rooted plant.


The same thing happens when you shave.  Shaving fortifies the root of the hair in the hair follicle making it strong and resistant to removal.


Dealing with re-growth after shaving is boring and daily.  Itchy, painful, unsightly and TOTALLY UNSEXY!  Hair regrows immediately with increased strength and vigour after a shave.


Waxing on the other hand removes the hair from the follicle instantly.  Regrowth is slow and the hair is finer with no blunt end.  No itchiness or irritation.


The first wax you ever have will not be THE most fun - but the results DEFINITELY will be!  The second time is a walk in the park and by the third wax?  Well, you'll already be hooked.


In fact, I challenge anyone not to nominate waxing as the best, sexiest method of hair removal...



Who knows...?


Men are generally hairy - and some don't necessarily want to be hairy.  Some don't have much body hair or are quite happy with it, but have heard about the awesome effects of Brazilian waxing and want to get a piece of the action.  


Years ago women had the monopoly on waxing - thus stigmatising men who wanted rid of their hair.  Happily this is no longer the case.


Yet still, men who have not discovered waxing silently deal with the hair removal issue themselves.   Chemical burns from hair removal cream, Clippers vs Scrotums (I honestly don't need to expand on that) skin tears from cold wax strips, Partners attempting to shave or wax  them... The list is long and excruciating.  


Virtually every man I see has at some point attempted to remove their own body hair - and more importantly, been dissatisfied or injured in the process.


For this reason I have -  as a Male waxing specialist - cultivated a following of men wishing to capitalise on the awesome investment of waxing in a specialist environment.  


I have earned a stellar reputation for expert male waxing with loyal clients the length and breadth of the UK and internationally  -  travelling to be waxed here.  They experience the following benefits:


You'll be clean and fresh for a much longer period than shaving or using hair removal cream (and no irritating re-growth).


Get smooth. Witness the effects on yourself and your partner.  


For sports related reasons.


For confidence building.  


To massively increase sensitivity.


And let's face it.  What could you do with an extra ......











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